Animal Medical Center of Charlottesville

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no question too big or too small for our veterinary team.
Below are some answers to our most common questions.

Why is a yearly checkup important for my pet?

Yearly routine examination appointments are important to keep due to your pet having their vaccinations up to date and keeping any underlying issues from becoming serious over time. Preventative care is the best care.

What do I need to know about protecting my pet from parasites?

Parasite treatment can be costly, under effective, and very taxing on a pet and their owner. The best way to treat your pet for parasites is to prevent infection. The Animal Medical Center of Charlottesville carries a variety of medicines that can be taken monthly or once every few months.

Why does my pet need dental care?

Having healthy teeth, tongue, and mouth tissue is essential to keeping your pet disease free. Harmful bacteria can build up if the mouth is left dirty and cause illness. Abscessed teeth can cause septic infection, which may be too aggressive for your pet to heal adequately and cause larger problems down the road.

Why do you recommend blood work for my pet?

Blood work can show a variety of issues not seen on a regular physical exam. Complete blood counts, kidney function tests, and liver function tests are just a few of the types of testing Animal Medical Center of Charlottesville performs with regularity.